Tax Representation

Guiding the Process towards a Favorable Resolution

If a taxing authority declares its intention to review your individual or business tax returns, you should never have to “go it alone.” We understand how intimidating, time-consuming and frustrating the audit experience can be. This is why we offer seasoned guidance and support in this critically important area.

Our firm can help you prepare for an examination by:

  • Using our expertise to maximize the effectiveness of your presentation
  • Preparing your correspondence and related records in order to resolve the audit in a timely and efficient manner
  • Helping to minimize or eliminate your exposure to additional taxes

Just as importantly, a member or members of our firm will be on hand to represent you during the examination. Each individual’s experience is different, but our firm’s assistance in making sure the examination is handled accurately and professionally greatly reduces the stress involved.

Remember, the taxing authorities have endless resources to push their position as far as possible. You have a right to be well represented. Let GPW be your advocate and level the playing field to ensure you have the best chance for success.

Our goal is to quickly resolve the tax issue and, as much as possible, guide the process toward a resolution that is favorable to you.