Assurance & Compilations

Financial reporting on three levels of assurance

The long-term relationships we develop with our clients enable us to provide personalized and responsive service for financial reporting. Specifically, we can provide the following levels of financial reporting services:

  • Audit
    An audit is the highest level of assurance service we provide. This includes a detailed audit of your company’s books and records, internal control systems, and financial reporting processes. When the process is completed, we issue an opinion on your financial statements based on the results of our audit. We offer recommendations to improve the efficiency of your financial reporting processes and to maximize your company’s profitability.
  • Review
    A review provides limited assurance that your financial statements are fairly stated in accordance with your basis of accounting, based on inquiries and analytical procedures applied to your financial statements. We assist you in identifying accounting and reporting issues and make recommendations to enhance the effectiveness of your financial reporting process.
  • Compilation
    Our compilation services ensure that your financial statements and footnotes are presented in the proper structure and format.