Estate, Gift and Trust Tax

Whether your goals are to minimize your tax burden, provide for your loved ones, or organize asset transfers to beneficiaries, we will work with you, your attorney, and your financial planner to create the strategy that suits your unique situation, needs, and aims. LEARN MORE

Income Tax Services

We guide the investment plans of corporations, those with multi-state tax returns, non-profits, individuals, and other business entities through every aspect of the tax reporting process — providing essential insight into the strategies, regulations, and requirements that affect your financial well-being. LEARN MORE

International Tax Services

Navigating global tax regulations is complex. At Gatto Pope & Warwick, our financial and tax experts utilize the latest strategies to assist you in your U.S. and foreign tax filing obligations. LEARN MORE

Tax Representation

If you find yourself involved in the intimidating situation of a tax audit, our qualified Certified Public Accountants are ready to offer guidance and support. Every audit situation is unique; we will advocate for your individual experience and provide the representation that you need. LEARN MORE