GPW – New Domain

November 8, 2021

Dear Clients,

As of November 5, 2021, GPW has changed it’s domain from .com to .cpa. This will mean our email addresses ending will now end As part of the transition, all emails sent to our old .com addresses will be forwarded to our new .cpa addresses. We do however recommend that you make note of our new email addresses and save your GPW contact person’s email to your safe sender list to avoid any issues with emails getting hung up in a spam or junk folder.

We are implementing this change in alignment with The American Institute for CPAs (AICPA) move to provide a defined global domain for CPAs worldwide for purposes of connecting with clients in a way that provides greater trust, security and verification. The AICPA will be overseeing the .cpa domain in collaboration with other global CPA organizations and ensuring that only licensed CPA firms that have met specific criteria are able to use this domain.

We are glad to be part of this change and believe it will offer better security from email phishing and better public confidence that someone using a .cpa domain address for email or a website is affiliated with the CPA profession.

As always, we appreciate the opportunity to work with you and are available to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Gatto, Pope & Walwick, LLP
Certified Public Accountants